Go Aviation


Frequently Asked Questions

What does aircraft charter mean?

When you charter an aircraft with Go Aviation, you are renting the pilots and the plane. This allows customers to bypass scheduled airline service and travel when and where they want.

Where does Go Aviation fly?

While we focus mainly on the northeast, Go Aviation can fly into any of approximately 5,000 airports in the United States. Flying out of airports closer to your home and destination can help save valuble time avoiding commutes to and from major airline hubs.

How safe is chartering an aircraft?

Private aviation companies, like Go Aviation, are subject to the same stringent safety standards as commercial airlines. We operate under the rules and regulations of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the same government body responsible for commercial airlines. Because safety is a top priority for Go Aviation, we are also a Wyvern registered operator, Wyvern is a third-party safety audit program that will run a check on every trip we fly ensuring the highest standard of safety.

How far in advance do i have to book my flight?

Go Aviation is available 24/7, and can book a flight with as little as two hours notice. However, to ensure aircraft availability it is usually recommended to plan your trip with us at least one week in advance.

will there be other customers on my flight, and can i bring my pets?

One of the most sought-after benefits of chartering an aircraft is selecting who will be on your flight. When you book a charter, you reserve the entire aircraft and are completely in charge of who travels with you. Go Aviation also allows small pets on all of our aircraft, although some operators may require animals to be in a kennel. If you intend to bring your pets with you, please let your booking agent know when you request your quote.

Who will operate the aircraft i am flying on?

We will always try to fly our customers on aircraft owned and operated by Go Aviation. In the event that our aircraft are not available or suitable for your mission, we will find an affiliated operator in our extensive network of FAA-certified part 135 charter operators to conduct the flight for you.

Who owns the aircraft i will be flying on?

Most charter aircraft are owned by large corporations or wealthy individuals who only need to use the aircraft occasionally. Chartering the aircraft in their down time allows owners to offset some of the expenses associated with aircraft ownership.